about us

Meridian Press is a small company based in Devon, England, and staffed by real human beings. Our administrator’s name is Faith. All feedback about our website and our publications is welcome. You can email us.

We specialise in high quality publications which must satisfy the following criteria:

  • User friendly (easy to read, clearly written, well designed)
  • Authoritative (based on reliable sources of information and real experience)
  • Empowering (enabling people to help themselves)

Our publications and packaging materials are all produced on recycled paper and we have signed the Green Pages Pledge which commits us to ensure the planting of at least as many trees as are used in all stages of production and distribution of our books and charts.

Daverick Leggett began his working life as a farmer and gardener and then as a school teacher. For the last two decades he has been teaching Qigong and Nutrition throughout the UK as well as Europe and the USA.

The titles of his two books Helping Ourselves and Recipes for Self-Healing contain the essential intent of his work: finding ways of helping people to help themselves to deeper health and more vibrant living. Daverick lives with his partner and his teenage son in Dartington, Devon.